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Offi + Lisa Albin Reunite to Debut Otto at ICCF

New York, NY - May 2013     Offi, a company known for its modern designs and versatile furnishings, is thrilled to announce the arrival of "Otto" - a beautifully sculpted ottoman. Designed by Iglooplay's founder, Lisa Albin, Otto is multipurpose and multigenerational. Right side up, Otto serves its obvious function as a dynamically shaped ottoman or bench. But when flipped, the form features a roomy scooped out interior that is perfect for planting. Otto can be used for residential, commercial, contract, hospitality, educational, corporate interiors or even poolside! Otto compliments Offi's popular Mod Lounger, also designed by Albin, which is now available in red. Both will be introduced at ICFF in the iglooplay booth #2538.

According to Albin, "Otto continues the sculptural language of the Mod Lounger; it's where biomorphic form meets architectural slab design. I was inspired by organic yet dynamic shapes - like stones, shells, Japanese Mochi ice cream balls, landscape architecture - where the built and natural elements come together - and corporate lobbies."

With Otto, there's a bit of play between form and language. As Albin notes, "language can offer a different kind of association to a product. Otto, which reads the same way forwards and backwards, conveys the flip-able quality of the design." Otto is also multigenerational and the interplay between designing for children and adults is something the designer enjoys. "It's a bit 
of make believe in everyday life," says Albin.

Barry Nicholson, General Manager for Offi, said that, "collaborating with Lisa was a wonderful experience. We both place a high value on designs that address contemporary life." The relationship between Offi and Lisa has proven so successful, Nicholson adds, "because we share a sensibility for innovative design and express a fun approach to everyday objects."

Both Otto and the Mod Lounger are made from durable rotational-molded polyethylene, a recyclable #4 plastic.

Otto measures 28"w x 27"d x 15"h. It is available in: red, orange, blue, green, white and black. The retail price is $299.

The Mod Lounger measures 28"w x 35"d x 30"h, seat height: 11.5". It is available in: red (new), orange, blue, green, white and black. It retails for $599.

Embrace - 2013 Press Release (pdf)
Mod Lounger - 2012 Press Release (pdf)

Offi Announces New Furniture and Lighting Products for ICFF

New York, NY   May 16th 2009     Offi announces the introduction of eight new products designed by West Coast product designer Eric Pfeiffer. The introductions include several new furniture concepts and a collection of sculptural hand blown glass lights. "It is always a pleasure to work with Eric, and we are especially excited about showcasing his 2009 collection of uniquely thoughtful products at ICFF," says Barry Nicholson, Offi's Managing Director.

The new introductions draw inspiration from a diverse set of references; nesting Russian dolls, pork ribs and stacking cups. What unifies these divergent inspirations are a group of products that are clear in form and purpose. "With these products I tried to consider all aspects of bringing a product to market. We really studied the manufacturing, shipping and usability together as a whole," says Pfeiffer. "For Offi it is important to create heirloom products that will last a lifetime but are available to consumers at a reasonable price."

From the Big Rib table, which is totally modular and can grow with an add-on kit to a super functional all wood desk made in the US, each product tells a story. The Nester Boxes and Big Rib table were designed for ease of production, compact shipping and greater usability. The Trundle desk was designed in California, and made in Pennsylvania using sustainably produced raw materials from North Carolina, creating a local approach to design and production. This utility desk brings order to your workspace while highlighting US design and manufacturing. The lighting collection offers a whimsical set of accent lights meant as little furniture follies to brighten up your space. Each of the introductions is a timelessness expression meant to fit the context of everyday living.

For a look at these new products, and additional details, please visit

Offi & Company was launched in 1997 out of the love for great design. This passion is satisfied by creating simple, beautiful and practical furnishings that address the modern urban lifestyle. OFFI products are created to be multifunctional, comfortable, and at home in any modern home in the world.

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